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Music Makers: At the Piano I and II

Music Makers: At the Piano is a 60-minute class offering joyful opportunities for building keyboarding skills – along with singing, dancing, drumming, ensemble playing, writing and reading music. Students will use scarves, hoops, maracas, drums, bongos, tambourines, rattles, jingles, sandblocks, rhythm sticks, resonator bars, glockenspiels, keyboards, and the metallophone in class. After completing the 2-year program, students are equipped with the aural, music-reading, and technical skills to be successful in private piano/instrumental lessons.                                         
      Music literacy is the goal of our piano class. This will aid the student in all future music making activities. While this curriculum builds on the repertoire and musical skills learned in the Musikgarten 0 – 7 yr. program, it also establishes a music and movement foundation for older students encountering their first formal musical experience.
      Students must have either a piano or a keyboard for practice at home (small is okay). Year 1’s curriculum includes 2 student books, 14 notation games, and 4 CD’s. Due to the distribution of books and CD’s, the cost of this class is less every semester of the year (Ex: Semester 1 = $281, Semester 2 = $266, Semester 3 = $210). 
Please consult Jennifer Tutt before mailing enrollment for this age group. Schedule TBA by class.

To register for this class, please go to the "Registration and Order Forms" page.
 Supplemental material for Music Makers: At the Piano may be purchased using the Order Form.  Please complete the Order Form and send it, along with payment, to 601 Deltino Ct., Lexington, KY 40515.  Upon receipt of your order, we will contact you to confirm.

  • Students are learning to play songs on the piano from all the previous years of Musikgarten curricula.

  • Class is intended to be more enjoyable and effective than traditional piano lessons for beginners because students are playing songs they know and like in a social setting with friends.

  • The social aspect of class will help students want to practice more at home to keep up with their peers.

  • Research shows that playing the piano uses more parts of the brain than almost any other activity and burns a tremendous amount of calories.

  • This class provides a pathway to music literacy, as students are hearing, playing, reading, and writing their pieces.

  • Students learn how to transpose pieces to different keys as well as add broken and block chords to a melody.

  • The right hand and left hand both learn to play the melody and the harmony.

  • There is an aural focus to class: students don’t just read the notes, they listen to whether it sounds correct or not.

  • Students use Listening CD’s at home to build aural awareness of the music.

  • Students also use Practice CD’s to help in daily practice at home.

  • Students play pieces in duple/triple meters, major/minor tonalities, and use two and three note tonic/dominant chords.

  • Children are exposed to jazz music and learn skills for improvisation.

  • Parents learn how to help their child by participating in the last few minutes of each class and utilizing the CD’s and workbooks at home.

  • Students can go on to private lessons in piano or other instruments with a wonderful preparation for the challenges and discipline required to succeed and become proficient.

  • Students develop overall musicianship and ensemble skills that will help in private piano, band, or orchestra later.