Musikgarten of Lexington
Jennifer Tutt

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  • Please keep food, drinks, toys, and other distractions in the car or hidden from view.
  • Please try to make bathroom stops or diaper changes before class begins (there are changing tables in both bathrooms).
  • If your child becomes upset or disruptive, it is a good idea to get a drink or take a short walk (but do try to return when he/she is ready).
  • Please silence cell phones while in class.
  • Please keep parent-to-parent conversations to a minimum during class.
  • Do not be concerned or disappointed if your child has trouble sitting or participating fully for every activity.  This is not an appropriate expectation for children of this age.  If the child is present in the environment, he/she is learning.  The more classes the student takes, the more actively they begin to participate.
  • Parents and/or siblings who are waiting during class are welcome to wait/play in the MOL playroom, sit in the hallway, or wait in the Multipurpose Room (if not in use).
  • Student visitors (friends/relatives) are welcome to attend class at any time; they can just pay for the class(es) they attend.
  • Tuition and registration fees are non-refundable except in the cases of extreme illness or an out-of-state move.
  • We do not follow Fayette County Schools' inclement weather policy.  If public schools are closed due to snow or other condition, we may still have classes.  Please check with the local news stations (both television and/or internet) to see if classes have been cancelled.  You can also call Jennifer at 859-245-5887 - any class cancellations will be stated on the voicemail. 
  • In the event classes are cancelled, opportunities to make-up the missed class will be offered.
  • In the event that you have to miss a scheduled class(es), you are welcome to do a make-up for the missed class(es) in another section of class.  Please call the teacher of that section several days in advance.
  • Make-up classes should be done during the same semester as the missed class.